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The Innovation: A Journal to See the Unseen & Change the Unchanged

Humanity is standing at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and is ready to embrace the digital era. The diversification and specialization of natural science have contributed to re-shaping the society in which we live. Meanwhile, humanity is also facing emergent global challenges, including climate change and socioeconomic inequality. The time is ripe to adopt innovative approaches to integrate various disciplines to tackle the issues of sustainable development worldwide.

As humankind unites into a global village, we have the opportunity to encourage innovation that builds on integration of research across disciplines. To promote interdisciplinary collaborations and highlight combined productivity, we have launched a new journal, The Innovation, to display inspiring multidisciplinary discoveries for the science community, to encourage researchers to focus on the nature of science and the core of the free scientific exploration.

The Innovation has been co-founded by over 100 scientists from all research disciplines. Most of them are members of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are engaged in cutting-edge research, pushing the envelope of possibilities, while keeping their fingers on the pulse of change. Bearing passion, ideas and spirit, they aspire to construct an academic platform to facilitate innovation in the new times.

The Innovation values the advancing of science and its application. Thinking out-of-the-box is both appreciated and encouraged. We aim to see the unseen, change the unchanged, and promote the transition from basic research to applied technology. The Innovation is an open access online journal to promptly publish peer-reviewed Articles/Letters, Reviews, Editorials, News & Buzz et al., in all fields on the basis of novelty, demonstrated reproducibility, broad interest, and significant impact.

To better serve the community, the journal sets up Public Summaries, Graphic Abstracts, and related Commentary & Views. And a number of means, including social media, short videos, and comments/editorials, will be employed to spread it. The goal is to make quality research speedily and widely known, increasing the impact of scientific breakthrough.

The Innovation will adhere to the values of integrity, professionalism and diversity. As a leading scientific journal, it is about to break new ground and to lead the way into the future, flying the flag for innovation amongst interdisciplinary science in this flourishing age.


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