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Youth Innovation Promotion Association
Chinese Academy of Sciences
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We are members of Youth Innovation Promotion Association (YIPA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). And we are devoting to inaugurate a transdisciplinary journal, ¡°The Innovatioin¡±, to facilitate the scientific translation integratively.

YIPA was presented since 2011, aiming to provide excellent backup for junior scientists amongst CAS. Currently there are 3520 YIPA members from 109 institutions of CAS. Research fields of YIPA members are comprehensive, including Mathematics & Physics, Chemistry & Material, Informatics & Management, Earth Science, Engineering & Equipment, Life Sciences & Medicine, and so on. Morever, some outstanding members of YIPA were the co-first or co-corresponding authors to publish a number of studies in top journal, such as Science, Nature and Cell.

¡°The Innovatioin¡± will be open access, highlighting insights into innovations in materials and nanotechnology, physics and chemistry, life science and translational medicine, engineering and its applications. Briefly we are aiming to promote the transition from basic research into applied science. In fact, the above-mentioned subjects within CAS have a clear advantage worldwide. That¡¯s our focus but not the whole story. The journal will publish original Letters/Articles, Reviews, Editorials, News/Buzz that are of high quality, broad interest and far-reaching impact. Additionally, we award the peer reviewers and leading authors, if accepted.

¡°Science & Technology¡± are the source powers in shaping our world and the humanity since Industrial Revolution. All of us hold the promise to build a better and better global village for the humankind. ¡°Scientific Translation¡± is one of the right ways to make it! If interested, follow the ¡°Proposal Form¡± and pre-submit the meaningful points of your research/review articles to us via email:

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